Love is a funny thing. You never know where love might find you. It could be in line at the grocery store, after someone steps on your foot. Or perhaps a secret set up between some mutual friends, who have been searching for the perfect person for you. For Chantel, love found her while she was at work. She was working as a teller at the Royal Bank of Canada when she met Evan. He kept coming to her wicket for assistance, consistently over a 6 month period. The persistence that Evan showed as he courted Chantel, even just showing up to do something so simple as his banking, I mean c’mon, how cute is that?!?!


Evan & Chantel have adventurous spirits. In talking with them, it is so clear that they have wanderlust in the best way. There is a big wide world out there, and they look for every opportunity to explore it- I LOVE that! This summer, Evan & Chantel took a trip with their friends to Canmore. They planned a time of hiking, outdoor adventure, and some summer relaxation. On a particularly beautiful day, they planned a hike out to Johnston Canyon. Surrounded by hidden waterfalls, Evan asked Chantel to adventure with him for the rest of his life, where of course, she said yes!


Evan & Chantel, we are so thankful that we had the opportunity to capture your engagement and be part of your story together. You guys have SO much fun together, and the love you have for one other is so evident in the way that you look at the other. I love how much fun you have together, and that you each have found a partner to share all of your adventures with. Never lose that sense of wonder and adventure in each new opportunity that life presents to you! Spending your life with a partner to adventure with is such an incredible gift! Congratulations again on your engagement, and upcoming Regina wedding!



Courtney & Cam


{ Evan & Chantel Engagement }