Cory lifting Kelsey in Regina engagement session

Cory & Kelsey Engagement

There is a "look" that couples in love share. A look where, in their eyes, you can see that everything else pales in comparison. Nothing else matters as much as being in the arms of their beloved. There is a radiance between them. A feeling that gravity is no longer holding them to the earth, but that other person. Friends, Cory and Kelsey share that look. And let me tell you, it...

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Cam and Courtney Liske Connect 2017

Goodbye 2017

"Another year over, and a new one just begun." - John Lennon   It is very likely that we all know this song. We hear it every year around this time. At Christmas, I find myself feeling a little like it is "Groundhog Day". You know, that feeling like "we were JUST here- how can another year already be over?!?"   As I reflect on the past year, it is overwhelming to itemize a...

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Woman in black dress and man in grey suit in the snow

Mark & Kyra Engagement

Mark & Kyra are such a fun couple! From the moment Cam & I met with them, we knew that we would have a blast together. We love to sit down with our couples and hear all about you! We want to know all about how you met, about your engagement story, and your vision for your upcoming wedding. Right from the get go, we knew these were some pretty...

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Couple kisses under a willow tree

Kevin & Darriane Engagement

Disneyworld is such a magical place. It is honestly one of my favourite places on earth. Where an adult doesn't need to "adult". Where you can forget that you're actually an adult when you see your favourite character, and proceed to get in line for a photo. Cam & I went to Disneyworld on our honeymoon 13 years ago, and have been back a couple times since. Every time we're...

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Mother in knit fitted dress in golden field

Brianne Maternity

Pregnancy is such a beautiful time in a woman's life. Our bodies are doing something so incredible in such a short time. Though, moms, trust me, I fully know and have experienced that feeling where it seems it has been an eternity and not a short time! It astounds me at how our bodies inherently know how to grow little humans. I can't be the only one who thinks that this is kind of amazing,...

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Man and woman laughing together downtown Regina

Luke & Tori Engagement

I can't get enough of this fall light. Seriously, I'm like a kid in a candy store when it comes to the light lately. It has been absolutely perfect the last month! We have had the opportunity to work with so many great couples, who have humoured me, and chased that beautiful fall light with me! Luke & Tori took an evening out of their busy schedule to hang out...

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Baby announcement in the alley Regina

Joel & Heather

Meet Joel & Heather, some very special people to us. Joel and Cam have been best friends since elementary school. During the time where wearing sweatpants and sporting mullets were cool- soooo, it has been a while! They have been through all kinds of things together, but one of the most special things they've shared has been standing up for each other as they got married. Joel was Cam's best...

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Mother with newborn baby boy in her arms

Ephraim Newborn

BOY: (noun) A noise with dirt on it.   Little boys are sooo much fun to have around. There is never a shortage of things to do when you are with them. Limitless opportunities surround them in everyday objects. Every cardboard box could be a rocket ship to the moon, a boat, a barn, or a bear cave. In 10 minutes (or less) spent with a little boy, you will learn more than...

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Regina wedding photographer Courtney Liske Photography

Evan & Chantel Engagement

Love is a funny thing. You never know where love might find you. It could be in line at the grocery store, after someone steps on your foot. Or perhaps a secret set up between some mutual friends, who have been searching for the perfect person for you. For Chantel, love found her while she was at work. She was working as a teller at the Royal Bank of Canada...

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