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Pro Tip Tuesday: #4 Education & Experience


When someone mentions education what do you think of? Is it receiving a formal certificate or diploma from a university? Could it be ongoing education through conferences or online courses? Or perhaps hands-on apprenticeship training? To me, education can mean all of those things! There are SO many photographers out there and a lot of us (yes, Cam & I included) are self-taught. Quite a few of us have not received a formal degree in photography, but have gained a lot of experience in getting out there and shooting!


Some photographers have the opportunity to start out second shooting or assisting with an experienced photographer. The primary photographer takes time to explain how and why they would shoot the way they do. Plus, they have clients who are willing to let you learn by second shooting their family sessions or weddings. When you’re starting out as a photographer, finding people who will allow you to photograph can be a little intimidating! Hands-on experience, for some, is the best way to learn.


Online education options can include single online courses or photography schools that provide skill training by distance learning. These courses can provide learning in specific skill sets, or can be a comprehensive training in the many different facets of photography. Personally, I think a commitment to continue growing and learning, even as a seasoned photographer is important. Continuing to challenge and stretch themselves only makes them even better for you, the client!