Often when we photograph couples, they tend to start off a little nervous. Which makes sense. You are not always followed by two photographers! Our instructions for every couple is always the same. We ask that you relax, have fun, and (most importantly!) love each other. At the start of their session, we gave Matt & Ruth those very same guidelines.

Matt & Ruth took those simple instructions to heart. Throughout their session, they couldn’t stop laughing. From a goofy look at the other to humming the ‘Jaws’ theme in intimate moments, they were constantly laughing. It is such a joy for Cam & I to see the unique aspects of each couple’s relationship. But not just their joy, witnessing how they can communicate love, passion & joy with one simple look. 

It makes our job SO easy when couples genuinely enjoy spending devoted time with one another. We have the opportunity to simply capture the love and beauty that you share. If you have your own session coming up and are nervous about your own photos, take a page out of Matt & Ruth’s book. Trust us- just relax and love each other. You don’t need to get hung up on the poses. Or what you do with your hands- we’ll take care of that part! The best photos are not always perfectly posed, in my opinion. Sometimes they are those simple in-between moments.

Matt & Ruth, you guys completely rocked your session! Thank you for following my crazy ideas around Wascana Park, all the while, keeping smiles on your faces. We enjoyed getting to know you both more, and Cam & I cannot wait for your wedding in April at Queensbury Convention Center! It is going to be amazing!


Cam & Courtney

{ Matt & Ruth Engagement }