Kelsey walked carefully up the stone steps. With each gentle step, her Stella York gown blowing in the light afternoon breeze. She walked toward the area where her groom was waiting, nervously adjusting her dress as she walked. As she rounded the corner, she saw Cory standing with his back towards her. Kelsey gracefully drifted toward him, under layers of delicate lace and silk chiffon. Pausing as she stood directly behind him, Kelsey gently tapped Cory on the shoulder. He slowly turned, his entire focus resting on his beautiful bride, and his face instantly lit up.


He wasted no time, sweeping Kelsey up into his arms. After sharing a quiet moment together, Cory twirled Kelsey away from his body, allowing him to admire her full radiance as she twirled. It was a bright sunny day, but nothing shone as bright as Kelsey’s smile, and the reflection of that smile in Cory’s face. Cam & I spent an hour with just the two of them capturing photos before the day kicked off. It is a rare occasion to get a few moments alone together on your wedding day, let alone in the first hour of the day!


Cory & Kelsey planned a beautiful outdoor evening ceremony on the south lawn at the Conexus Arts Centre. Surrounded by their family and closest friends, they made their vows to one another. The evening sun shining, the warmth felt that evening was not merely from the sun, but the love Cory & Kelsey share. To quote Shelby, the maid of honour, and the ever wisdomess, Joey Tribiani,  “It is a love based of giving and receiving, as well as having and sharing. And the love that they give and have, is shared and received. And through this having and giving and sharing and receiving, we too can share and love and have… and receive.”


At sunset, we snuck away with Cory & Kelsey snuck for a few moments. This is one of my most favourite parts of the day. After the busyness of the day, we ask our couples to take time to chase the beautiful evening light with us. But more importantly, to take time to breathe. To rest into their love for one another, no longer as an engaged couple, but as husband and wife. In marriage, couples need time together to just ‘be’. To be fully in the moment, even if that means choosing to step away from the busyness for yourselves. We ask our couples to take a moment on the wedding day to encourage that very thing!


Cory & Kelsey, thank you so much for allowing Cam & I to capture your wedding day memories. I hope you never get a photo taken without hearing, “Those are the money beets!” because you two are pretty incredible together! We wish you a lifetime of happiness and excitement in the journey of marriage ahead!




Cam & Courtney

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{ Cory & Kelsey Wedding }


Regina Wedding Photography - Cory-Kelsey - Regina TravelodgeRegina Wedding Photography - Cory-Kelsey - Bridal PrepRegina Wedding Photography - Cory-Kelsey - Bridal Party PreparationRegina Wedding Photography - Cory-Kelsey - First Look - University of ReginaRegina Wedding Photography - Cory-Kelsey - University of ReginaRegina Wedding Photography - Cory-Kelsey - Bride-Groom FormalsRegina Wedding Photography - Cory-Kelsey - Gales FloristRegina Wedding Photography - Cory-Kelsey - In the ForestRegina Wedding Photography - Cory-Kelsey - Bridal Party Formals - Wascana Park Regina Wedding Photography - Cory-Kelsey - Bridal Party Formals Regina Wedding Photography - Cory-Kelsey - Outdoor Ceremony - Conexus Arts Centre Regina Wedding Photography - Cory-Kelsey - Outdoor Ceremony Regina Wedding Photography - Cory-Kelsey - Sunset formalsRegina Wedding Photography - Cory-Kelsey - Running through Wascana ParkRegina Wedding Photography - Cory-Kelsey - First DanceRegina Wedding Photography - Cory-Kelsey - Sunset formals - Conexus Arts Centre


Bride’s Gown: Stella York from Newline Fashions
Bride’s Flowers: Gale’s Florist
Groom Preparation Venue: Travelodge Regina
Groom’s Attire: Shirt & Tie Moore’s
Bridesmaids’ Burgundy Dresses: Le Chateau
Groomsmen’s Attire: Shirt & Tie Moore’s
Bridal Party Hair & Makeup: The Beauty Collective
Ceremony & Reception venue: Conexus Arts Centre
Officiant: Barbara Jones
DJ, Lighting & Decor: Vinyl Replay