For their first date, Colter & Jill went to Starbucks for coffee. Jill admits that she was SO nervous about that date. So nervous that she spilled her piping hot tea on Colter, not that long into the date. Thankfully, he stuck out the burns, and their love continued to grow!

They had heard about a list of questions that the New York Times had put out, “36 Questions to Fall in Love“. The aim of this list is to help you ask intentional questions of your partner to help you fall deeper in love. Colter & Jill decided that they would split the list into 3 sections, doing them in sections of 12 at a time. The first two sessions were marked by special occasions, such as their anniversary. After completing the first two sections, they decided to save the last for their arrival on an upcoming trip to Mexico.

Arriving at their resort in Mexico, they settled on their balcony to go through the last 12 questions. After finishing the last question, Colter told Jill that there was actually a 37th question. Sitting under the stars, with the ocean’s waves crashing in the darkness nearby, Colter pulled out a piece of paper and handed it to Jill. On it was written, “Will you marry me?”. She was not expecting this at all, and was very excited, as you might imagine. So excited that, in Colter’s words, “We had to go inside because she was screaming like she was being murdered.”

Colter & Jill (and Rico!), watching you together warms my heart. Your love for one another is evident in everything that you do. I love hearing about the activities you enjoy together, and the goofy things you do to make each other smile. Cam & I loved the time we spent with you and cannot wait for your 2020 Regina wedding!


Cam & Courtney

{ Colter & Jill Engagement }

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