7.  Your Input

When searching for the right wedding photographer, be sure to find someone that not only considers your input, but encourages it. Your wedding day is all about you, and let’s face it, it is your investment, and the moments captured will be your memories for a lifetime. If you have special things about your day that you want to be sure are captured, make sure your photographer is informed about it, and that they know that it is important to you. Photographers are skilled in many ways, but I can honestly say- for me, anyway- that one of those skills isn’t mind-reading! Be as detailed as you can about those special moments of the wedding day that are going to happen- BEFORE they happen!- so your photographer can be at the right place, at the right time to capture that memory for you.

If you have ideas of photographs or locations you like, send them to your photographer. I’m constantly telling my couples to give me their input- I want their wedding day and photos to be all about them. Those extra little details are what make our jobs so enjoyable! For instance, say there is that one special place where you met- if you would like to have it captured on your wedding day, suggest it as a location for some bridal formals, and let them know why it is important and how you’d like to work it in. We can’t guess the details of your story as a couple, you need to tell us- your input is so valuable, and should be encouraged!

Photography (as any art form) is subjective, so ultimately, the creative control lies with what your photographer captures in their camera. But if you maintain that open dialogue with your photographer throughout the entire process about what you are looking for, your wedding day will be a chance for you to just sit back and relax… knowing that they are in control and have taken your input to heart.

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