Wedding Photographer FAQ

A while ago we posted a blog series about “Choosing the Right Wedding Photographer”. Since then, we have had numerous people read it and ask us some of those very questions – which is perfect as that is what you are supposed to do! We thought it would be best to provide our answers to those 10 tips right here on the blog.

1. The Importance of Photography on the Wedding Day

(original post) Obviously, this is up to you as a couple to determine. We believe that photography on such an important day, like your wedding, is vitally important. Not so much to merely capture an image, but to capture the emotion behind that image so that years down the road you can look at your artwork and remember how you were feeling at that exact moment. We believe that photography is a fantastic way to not only preserve those memories, but to preserve those emotions. Photography can, and should, transport us back to that moment as if we were living it all over again.

2. Amount of Coverage Time

(original post) Most of our clients do not want photos taken before they get their makeup on- I think most ladies understand why! Generally we encourage our clients to begin coverage near the end of hair and makeup preparations to capture some of those pre-wedding moments, that will show everyone looking their best for the big day. Most clients choose to have us provide coverage from the end of hair/makeup, until the bouquet/garter toss or first dance, which is generally in the 10-12 hour range. Depending on timing of events on the day, we offer three levels of hourly coverage in our packages – 6 hours, 8 hours or 12 hours.  You can also choose to add additional hours on to any of our packages if you think you need some extra.

3. Quality & Portfolio

(original post) We are constantly updating our portfolio (and Facebook page) with our most recent client shoots. As you look through it, notice our style. We focus on a “documentary style”, meaning we are not all about the posed or forced images. We, of course, still take those photos as many parents/grandparents love those types of images. Our main focus is to get genuine emotions that produce authentic images of you simply being you – as you get ready, as you interact, as you experience your big day. We thrive on producing high quality images, as we want to provide our clients with the best possible images to capture their day. We spend a lot of time getting the right shots allowing us to do simple edits to get the images to where we believe they, not only represent us, but capture the bride and groom as they truly are.

4. Education & Experience

(original post) Like many photographers, we began as self-taught photographers. Since then, we have had education from New York Institute of Photography, as well as experience working as a second shooter alongside another photographer in the city. We are also strong believers in continuing education. We spend a lot of our free time learning new techniques and developing our skills as photographers through regular courses and training sessions. We are also in the process of completing our education toward certification to be recognized as International Wedding Photographers. We also believing in “paying it forward”- as we continue to learn and grow, we want to bring on other photographers as our second (or third) shooters to pass along the knowledge that we have gained. Someone took the time to invest in us, so we want to do the same for someone else.

5. Number of Photographers

(original post) ALL of our wedding packages comes standard with 2 photographers as we feel it is so necessary to fully capture your day from different angles, different perspectives and even different locations (bride & groom preparation). As stated above, however, we can offer our brides to have a third photographer present for some events so that we can use it as a teaching experience as well.

6. Personality is King

(original post) We cannot guarantee that we “click” with every client but we firmly believe in providing an honest and real relationship with each client. When a client chooses us, and we choose the client, it is because there is a mutual bond that is formed, not just merely a transaction. ALL of our clients have amazing stories and amazing plans and we get excited that we get to be included as a part of that. We enjoy walking alongside our clients as we talk about their wedding, giving advice where needed, and creating relationships that go far beyond just the wedding day.

7. Your Input

(original post) As we consult with our clients, we want to hear about you, your passions, your dreams and your ideas. We want to customize the event for you rather than telling you “this is where we are going to shoot and when”. We value your opinions, your insights and your thoughts on locations, style, etc. That being said, some of our clients are so overwhelmed with choices leading up to the wedding that they prefer the idea of having the photographer take care of those details. In that case, we are more than happy to share our ideas and plan out that aspect of the day, to take one more thing off of your plate.

8. Bundling Options

(original post) Our packages are designed with our clients in mind. We have sought out unique products from trusted, high quality vendors so that we can provide the clients with the products they are asking for. With that we have been able to broker some deals with our vendors to provide our clients with a less expensive option when going with one of our packages (rather than the a la carte method). We also offer cinematography services for our clients who are interested. This allows you to have one less vendor to work with on the day, and our commitment to quality is just as high in our cinematography as it is in our photography.

9. Products

(original post) We offer a wide range of products to meet our clients needs. We offer large format prints on photo paper, metallic paper, aluminum, canvas, acrylic. We offer engagement guest books, which are press printed books of your engagement images that you can then use as a guest book at your wedding.  We’ve found that the wedding guests love to have a chance to look through your engagement photos, as they might not otherwise see them. Our most recent addition to our product line are our albums that are hand made in Italy- literally, they come straight to us from Italy. These are albums are custom designed for each client with hundreds of options including sizes, layout, cover options, etc. These are amazing – you have to see and feel them to truly grasp their beauty. We are often asked if we also provide digital images for our clients. We do offer a USB in two of our packages or they are also available as an “a la carte” add-on. That being said, most of our clients want the digital images for archival purposes only (or Facebook posts). Our clients prefer prints, artwork and albums that they can readily display in their homes and look at often – which is why following the wedding we sit down with our couples to share their wedding photos and tour the options available depending on their needs and wants for their home together.

10. Turnaround Time

(original post) One of our most asked questions, and one of my favourite to answer, is “What is your turnaround time?”. Most of us have heard stories of brides waiting 6 months to a year to even see their wedding images. Our brides receive their images within 4-6 weeks – generally it is closer to 3 weeks! Following that, if they are ordering prints and/or an album, once we receive the list of images the couple wants to include, the products will be in hand within 2-3 weeks. So potentially, you could have all your images AND products within 6-9 weeks of your wedding.


I’m sure you have many more questions, but I hope this helps answer some. Please feel free to contact us if you do have further questions or if you would like to meet to discuss your big day- we would love to meet you! Whether you choose Courtney Liske Photography or do go with someone else for your Regina wedding, be sure to ask or know the answer to the above so that you know what you are getting into. All the best to you as you plan out your wedding and search for the perfect photographer for you!