10.  Turnaround Time

Depending on whether you choose a full-time photographer or a part-time or hobbyist photographer, that will directly correlate with the expected turnaround time for your finished product. Someone who doesn’t do photography as their full time job, may require more time to complete your photos. When you’re meeting with photographers, feel free to ask them what their anticipated delivery time is – it is best for everyone if the expectation is known upfront. Will your photos be ready 2 weeks after the wedding or 6 months? Again, it comes back to a key point – communication. : )


  1. The Importance of Photography on the Wedding Day
  2. Amount of Coverage Time
  3. Quality & Portfolio
  4. Education & Experience
  5. Number of Photographers
  6. Personality is KING
  7. Your Input
  8. Bundling Options
  9. Products