The sun beamed through the broken clouds, and though it was windy, it appeared the evening would be just right for an engagement session. We met Tim & Jennelle in the parking lot near the Wascana Marina, and got right to work! They walked hand-in-hand, amongst the fallen leaves, gazing into each other’s eyes. Laughing at the others jokes, and especially laughing when we asked Tim to pretend he was ‘kidnapping Jennelle with love’ and what he chose to do with that!

When they arrived at their session, Tim brought with them a stuffed moose in a plaid jacket. Just a PSA for all future couples: this is not something we require for all Canadian photo sessions, just in case you are wondering ;). This little guy actually played a role in their engagement story.

After playing, and actually giving up on one of the worst rounds of golf they’ve ever played, Tim & Jennelle decided that they would instead go relax at the Temple Gardens Mineral Spa in Moose Jaw. Tim had brought this little guy along with them and surprised Jennelle with him. Tim gave him to Jennelle, having hidden the ring in the moose’s hood. So because he had played such a vital part in their story, Mr. Moose was invited along, and given a front-row seat to the engagement session!

What began as a beautiful sunny evening took a bit of a turn. As we shot, little raindrops could occasionally be felt overhead. But one or two here and there would be manageable, so we continued. Then the little drops here and there invited more of their friends, so we took shelter under the Bar Willow patio overhang, waiting out the rain. Tim & Jennelle continued smiling the entire time, snuggling to keep warm.

The rain subsided and we bravely stepped out from our shelter to continue on with the session. Tim & Jennelle absolutely rocked it! Even when the rain returned with a vengeance and started coming down, well, sideways- they were absolute troopers and kept on in the rain!

Tim & Jennelle, we are so excited to shoot your wedding in a couple of weeks! Our fingers, toes, eyes- everything is crossed that we don’t run into any more rain! We love your sense of humour, and the way in which you just easily rolled with the punches as things (and rain) went a little sideways on us! I cannot wait to see how your perfect day unfolds, and I really hope that Mr. Moose has been invited as a ring bearer or at least a front-row seat guest!


Cam & Courtney

{ Tim & Jennelle Engagement 2020 }

Regina Engagement Photography - 001 - Tim & Jennelle walking in the leaves by barWillow
Regina Engagement Photography - 002 - Tim & Jennelle - Couple snuggling in the fall
Regina Engagement Photography - 003 - Tim & Jennelle - Close up of ring and watch
Regina Engagement Photography - 004 - Tim & Jennelle - Kidnapping with love
Regina Engagement Photography - 005 - Tim & Jennelle sitting by the wascana marina
Regina Engagement Photography - 006 - Tim & Jennelle - Couple by the boathouse
Regina Engagement Photography - 007 - Tim & Jennelle - Standing on the docks on Wascana lake
Regina Engagement Photography - 008 - Tim & Jennelle - Kissing by wascana lake
Regina Engagement Photography - 009 - Tim & Jennelle - Engagement ring on berry branch
Regina Engagement Photography - 011 - Tim & Jennelle - Jennelle looking at camera
Regina Engagement Photography - 010 - Tim & Jennelle - Posed engaged couple