FINALLY a sunny day in Regina! And, believe it or not, I had a family session scheduled, AND it didn’t rain at all before, during or after the family session! That is definitely some sort of record!

Tonight I got to spend some time with the Tait family. We got to do some family photos in the beautiful evening light, and while that was great, I was totally excited by what was going to happen last… In discussing what they’d like to incorporate into their session, the Tait’s mentioned that their son likes biking.  We got to take him to a Regina skatepark and document as he did a few tricks for me on his bike. I was very impressed!

I had been waiting for so long for the right family to come along- the family who would be pumped about having a paint fight, as I document it… After seeing an episode of ‘Modern Family‘ where in an effort to get the perfect family photo, they wind up in a giant mud fight with one another, I knew I just had to do a family session like that in some way! I’m so very excited to say the wait is over! The Tait family graciously obliged, their son was quite into it- I mean, what son would NOT want to fling paint at their parents?

Thank you so much Tait family- it was a pleasure to work with all of you! I hope you’ve found and gotten all the paint off!

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Tait Family - Regina Family Photography Tait Family - Regina Family Photography