Last year, we had the opportunity to celebrate with Jarrett & Teala as they announced the arrival of their precious baby! This year, we got to meet the precious little one we saw in the sonogram photo! Their daughter, Lyla, is a most adorable addition to this family.

Celebrating her first Christmas, Lyla was quite intrigued with the ornaments on the tree. The star, in particular, was a fan favourite! I must admit, even Cam & I liked having the chance to turn on Teala’s Johnny Cash singing ornaments. Maybe that is where my kids get their ornament button-pushing obsession from…

Lyla got all dressed up in her winter wear to head outside for some photos in the snow. But one of the most special things was the sled she sat in. This sled has been in Teala’s family for generations! Teala even rode in this sled when she was a child. Her father cleaned it up and stained it to have it looking good as new for Lyla’s first winter. What a special gift this was!

Jarrett, Teala, and Lyla, thank you for braving that winter wind with us! We are so glad that we could capture this special time together, as you get ready to celebrate Lyla’s first Christmas! We wish you the happiest Christmas and can’t wait to catch up with you next year!


Cam & Courtney

{ Swereda Family 2019 }