Extended families are so much fun! We’ve had the chance to work with the Tait family a couple of times, but this year, Cam & I were invited to shoot with the entire Storz extended family. We met everyone at Lakewood Park to update some photos for all of them. I’m always so thankful when people trust my crazy vision to trek into a seemingly strange space to get a different look from a familiar place!


These are some of the cutest cousins around! The younger two are absolutely enamoured with how cool their cousin Zander is. He is older, and does super cool things like playing football and can even drive. But, in my opinion, nothing makes him cooler than the love he shows to his younger cousins. Taking time to play and let them know they are special to him was the sweetest thing to witness. In looking at these photos, I can almost hear the laughter and excitement in their little voices when Zander arrived at the park. At the end of the session, they stood together with Zander, mimicking his ‘football pose’. The very serious faces and side eyes they had to make sure they were doing it correctly was SO funny! Oh my goodness, the last photo is just too cute!!


Thank you so much, Storz family, for allowing Cam & I to capture some updated memories for you! Warren & Della, what a beautiful legacy you have started with your girls, and now your sons-in-law and grandchildren!


{ Storz Family }


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