Family sessions are so much fun- especially when they’re also our family! Allow me to re-introduce you to the Selinger family. This is my brother Carlen, and his stunning wife, Amy. Cam and I have had the extreme pleasure of capturing some of their biggest life memories- wedding and two babies, and now, updated family photos! Thankfully we could get out with them on a BEAUTIFUL October evening, so there weren’t any toddler or baby popsicles!


My niece is a feisty girl who knows what she likes, and even more so, what she reeeeally doesn’t! All that tenacity she has, channelled in the right direction, could land her as the first female Prime Minister! Lucky for us, one of the things she does like is her Uncle Cam! The smiles he can coax out of her are just too sweet! And my nephew- ohhhhh, that handsome little man! He is one healthy boy- at four months old, and EIGHTEEN pounds! Haven’t you heard that chunky is the new hunky?


Selinger family, thank you for allowing us to capture your family this year. We are so thankful that you are not only clients, but that we have the blessing of calling you our family! Cam and I are thankful for each one of you, and we love you all!



Courtney & Cam


{ Selinger Family }