3. Quality and Portfolio

Searching for a photographer can be a daunting task. You can search through what potentially feels like thousands of portfolios before you find the right one for you. Though it is a lot to look at each photographer’s portfolio, and to make an appointment to meet with them, I would highly recommend it. Until you see their product, and meet them in person, it is really hard to get an all-over impression as to what working with the photographer will be like. One thing I also strongly encourage my clients to do, is to book an engagement session. This not only allows you a chance to get those celebratory engagement photos of you and your fiancee, it gives you a ‘practice run’ with your photographer to see what working with them will be like. Likewise, it is also a chance for your photographer to get to know you as a couple, see how you interact with one another, and give them the opportunity to gather some ideas of what will work best for photos on your wedding day.

There are many different styles of photography for couples to choose from. It is important for you to decide together what style best suites the feel you’re looking for. Do you want someone who instructs you on how to pose, or do you prefer a more natural, documentarian style of your day? Do you want someone who can snap pictures throughout the day to be put in a photo album? Or do you want more of an artistic approach by someone who can capture moments and emotions that may end up as artwork in your home? Do you want pictures that can be blown up to 20″ x 30″ prints in your home? Or will you simply want them printed on standard photo paper? These are some things to consider when looking at a photographer’s portfolio.

The biggest thing to take away today- look at their portfolio. Then look at some other portfolios. And then just a few more. Make a short list of your top 3 to 5 photographers who capture the types of images you want on your wedding day, and make time to meet with each. Happy portfolio hunting!

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