9.  Products

After the wedding day and honeymoon have come and gone- which I know you don’t want to think about just yet!- what is the next big thing you’re looking forward to?  You’ll be waiting for that momentous day when you receive word that your photos are ready!  Ask any couple- it is never too early to see those photos or video of your wedding day memories to look back on. When looking for a photographer, make sure that you also consider the products that they can offer you, and decide which of those products would be important or influential in your decision. Are you looking to have a disc or USB of the images to print at your local Costco or Walmart? Do you want the images to be edited or not? Are you looking for a professionally designed and created album? Or do you feel that creating your own coffee table book on Mixbook or Shutterfly is sufficient? Do you want artwork to hang in your home? These are all things to consider. Ask to see samples of products that your photographer offers so you can make an all around informed decision.


  1. The Importance of Photography on the Wedding Day
  2. Amount of Coverage Time
  3. Quality & Portfolio
  4. Education & Experience
  5. Number of Photographers
  6. Personality is KING
  7. Your Input
  8. Bundling Options