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Pro Tip Tuesday: #6 Personality is King


Personality has a lot to do with our day-to-day lives. We choose to surround ourselves with those that have the same or complementary traits to our own. Some people ‘clash’ with us because certain traits they exhibit are off-putting to us for some reason or another. Though photographers are professionals, they are just like anyone else! We may possess qualities that are right up your alley, or for others, may not be your cup of tea. Not every photographer is for every couple- and that is ok!


Personality is something you should consider when choosing a wedding photographer. Here’s a thought you may not realize- besides your soon-to-be spouse, your photographer will be one of the people you see most on your wedding day. Because of that fact, I’d say that it is important to choose someone you genuinely enjoy having around. You won’t want to spend one of the most important days of your life with someone you don’t like!


How can you get a glimpse into your potential photographer’s personality? Well, as I’ve mentioned before, I’d start with stalking their website! Most websites have an ‘About Me’ section, that will give you a little insight into who they are. Perhaps it lists some of their likes and interests, but it may not. Their Instagram feed can give you a glimpse into what they enjoy. This can show not only the business photos they take, but perhaps their other interests. Or maybe it will list a bit about their family life, outside of photography.


After you’ve stalked their website and social media, you might feel you need more information to decide. How do you ensure it is a good fit? At your consultation appointment, get to know your photographer! Take time to see if the person you’ve seen online is the same as the person you see in front of you. Ask them questions that don’t pertain to photography. It might be a bit like a first date! Portfolios are important, but make sure that they are not all you consider. Find someone that you and your fiancée are confident in and that you enjoy spending time with!