Big families are so much fun! I don’t come from a big family, and only have a handful of immediate cousins, so sometimes I like to live vicariously through our clients. We spent time with the Pho family, who were all gathered in Regina for a family wedding. It really is a perfect time to get some new photos. Everyone is dressed their best- either by choice, or by instruction- what better time to get everyone together for an updated family photo!


It was so much fun for Cam and I to have the opportunity to spend some time with this family. We got to meet all of the cousins, grandparents, aunts & uncles, and got to capture some great memories for them as a group. They had some pretty sharply dressed gentlemen, and some very lovely ladies. There might have even been a little fella who was pretty much the Boss Baby, in looks AND in his professional, no nonsense attitude!


Thank you so much, Pho family, for inviting us along to document this time for you. We are so thankful that we could meet and spend time with each of you!


{ Pho Family }