6.  Personality is KING

Personality has a lot to do with our day to day lives. We choose to surround ourselves with people who possibly have the same personality traits, or those that are complimentary to our own. When choosing a photographer for your wedding, personality will also come into play. Besides your fiancé, your photographer will most likely be one of the people who sees you the most on your wedding day, so I would say that it is definitely important to choose someone that you not only tolerate, but who you actually enjoy having around! The last thing you want is someone who just isn’t a good fit, when you spend a majority of one of the most important days of your life with them.

So how do you make sure it is a good fit? Interview your photographer. Spend some time getting to know them beyond just checking out their photographs. I know I have mentioned previously that portfolios are important, and yes, they are, but make sure that they are not all you consider when making your decision. Find someone that both of you enjoy spending time with, and that you are confident in to handle capturing your precious memories.

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