Last week, Cam & I visited this family in their beautiful home on an acreage outside of Pilot Butte. The home itself is gorgeous, but the people inside are even more so. Tyler & Jennifer’s love for their little boys bubbles over like a sweet aroma welcoming you into their home. Olsen & Miller are so blessed to not only have a beautiful place to grow up, but the support of the incredible people inside.


Sweet little Olsen had a whirlwind arrival into this world. I think he was just in such a hurry to meet his family! He may have arrived a bit ahead of plan, but seeing this family together, it is clear that was the way it was meant to be. Olsen is surrounded by so much love. In his two weeks in the arms of his mom and his dad, it is abundantly clear that he has made a lasting impression on their hearts. This little sweetheart has a big brother who adores him. Well, Miller adores Olsen when he sits still long enough to give his brother a squeeze on the way by! The incredible energy of two year old boys, oh my goodness!


Olsen, your older brother is going to teach you about all the best things. He will teach you all about dinosaurs, which he speaks quite passionately about. You will learn about Paw Patrol, and how Marshall is CLEARLY the best pup of all. Growing up with an older brother will teach you patience, but even more likely, a lot of tenacity. A big brother will challenge you, but can spur you on to be the best version of yourself. Having a big brother will mean you’re never on your own. Someone always has your back, and cares for you more than any friend ever could. There may be days you don’t feel it, but you are blessed to have a big brother.


Jennifer & Tyler, thank you so much for allowing Cam & I to catch a little glimpse into a day with your beautiful family. I can only imagine the fun that Olsen & Miller will have together growing up with an acreage to explore. There are so many adventures to be had. Pirate ships, bug catching, forts, superheroes, and everything in between. There will be laughs, and a fair share of tears. But with you two as their loving support, there is nothing that can stand in their way!



Courtney & Cam


{ Olsen Newborn }


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