I have a newfound love- creating crazy couture looks out of random items you can find around your house and at the hardware store. Yup, you heard me right, the hardware store! I took a class with an AMAZINGLY talented photographer legend, who instructed us in her process of making fun and funky gowns. As I mentioned before, I cannot WAIT to get some models this summer to try out some new dress making skills! I literally saw a piece of plastic that had been driven over, and it looked really interesting… I can’t lie, I totally contemplated picking it up, but then thought of the look on my husband’s face if I started hoarding what some may deem “garbage”…

I have the chance to work with SO many of you amazing men, women, and children, who make my job look easy! Most people would think you’re all models, because you’re all just “really, really, ridiculously, good looking”! I’d never worked with “professional” models before, but wowza, we had access to some very talented folks to shoot with! Here were a couple of the stylized gowns constructed of a slip dress, tulle, ribbon, and some aluminum window screen. Model call? Soon, very soon!

Regina Photographer - Courtney Liske Photography - Model Citizen


Regina Photographer - Courtney Liske Photography - Model Citizens