In Summary…

Not every photographer is right for every bride, and not every bride is right for every photographer. Even though I, Courtney Liske Photography, am a photographer, that doesn’t necessarily mean that I am YOUR photographer. You need to consider all the things I have mentioned and choose the right photographer for YOU! Choose someone who – 5 to 10, or even 50 to 100 – years down the road will have created wedding memories you can enjoy looking back on that you can’t help but share with anyone and everyone. But most importantly, someone who can capture the emotions and feelings that surrounded your day. Consult with friends and family, listen to referrals of who to go with (and who not to go with), or ask me – I would love to assist you on your journey!

At the end of the day, you need to choose someone that you are happy with, who will allow you to fully enjoy your wedding day, while providing the important service of capturing your emotions and images of that day that will be with you forever.

If you missed out on a day or two, or just need a refresher, here are links to the 10 things to consider when choosing a wedding photographer.

Happy photographer hunting!  Hope to hear from you! : )

  1. The Importance of Photography on the Wedding Day
  2. Amount of Coverage Time
  3. Quality & Portfolio
  4. Education & Experience
  5. Number of Photographers
  6. Personality is KING
  7. Your Input
  8. Bundling Options
  9. Products
  10. Turnaround Time