Greg & Jacquie make 25 years of marriage look GOOD! Wouldn’t you agree?

We had the joy and privilege to photograph Greg & Jacquie as they celebrate a milestone wedding anniversary. First off,  I must say, they absolutely nailed this session! They had so much fun together, laughing loud and freely throughout the evening. But even more than their shared love of humour, their love for one another shone through every glance at the other. 

Greg & Jacquie are celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary this September. They have a way about them that allows you to see the wisdom and love that has grown over the last 25 years, and all at once seems so fresh and new like they are newlyweds!

I love photography for a number of reasons, but one of the major reasons is the ability to freeze important moments in time. Greg & Jacquie shared with us about how they first met at Eston College, their first date, and details of their wedding day in England. As they flipped through their wedding album, they stopped on each page. Each page holding a different memory helping them to remember the details of their day. Jacquie even brought the headpiece and necklace that she wore the day of her wedding!

Greg & Jacquie, thank you so much for allowing us to photograph you lovebirds to commemorate your 25th anniversary! If this session is even a tiny hint of what the next 25 years will look like, you are definitely in good shape! May your marriage continue to be a blessing and inspiration to those around you! Happy 25th anniversary!

{ Greg & Jacquie 25th Anniversary}