There are people in your life that leave you feeling energized and encouraged after every interaction. The Friesen family are some of those people to us. Cam & Aaron met years ago while working together at Regina Youth For Christ. I then had the opportunity to get to know Kelli, and man, they are some amazing people. Not only are they both super-duper creatively talented (Kelli is an insanely talented artist and Aaron is a crazy amazing drummer), they are incredible humans. To top it all off, they are raising three little bubbly humans that are each so awesome in their unique way.

Cam & I are so honoured that they asked us to capture their family photos this year. We headed down to the Regina Warehouse District, which we felt served as a perfect backdrop, particularly for this rad bunch. We laughed SO much during this session. Their son was a little leary at the start to have his photo taken. But that all changed very quickly after having a few shots taken with his dad. The look of admiration on his little face melts my heart every time I see it.

Aaron & Kelli, you are such an encouragement to us. Your love for God, for one another, for your family and the greater community is at the forefront of everything you undertake. Your children are amazing, and I don’t think any parent can hear this enough- you are doing an incredible job raising them. I love how laughter abounds in your family and how you welcome people in with wide-open arms, offering hospitality and love. You are all so very special to us!


Cam & Courtney

{ Friesen Family }