With the rainy state that Regina has been in, I was a little nervous for the Eritz family shoot on the weekend. Thankfully, as I made my way from Regina to Moose Jaw, the dark clouds stayed away! The mosquitoes, well, that was a different story…

I had the pleasure of doing photos for the Eritz family a couple of years ago, but was so glad to be able to see them again! Since I last saw them, they had a little boy, and my how their little girl has grown! An absolutely adorable pair, I must say. They had so much fun, even as we wondered through the mosquito infested trees. With the promise of ice cream spurring the kids on, the Eritz family had a lot of fun together, and I was so happy that we only saw a little sprinkle of rain during our session!

Thank you so much, Eritz family, for inviting me to spend time with you this weekend. I was so excited to see how your family has grown, and I’m so honoured that you asked Courtney Liske Photography to take photos of you all!

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Eritz Family - Regina Family Photography Eritz Family - Regina Family Photography