4.  Education & Experience

As we’ve already covered, there are so many things to consider when choosing a wedding photographer. This point may be lower on the priority list of things to consider, but it is still worth the thought. Does your photographer have any formal education in photography? Composition? Lighting? I’m not at all saying that this is a make or break point when choosing your wedding photographer. There are a lot of self-taught photographers who are absolutely amazing. But there is something to be said about a photographer who continues to commit themselves to learn and improve. Even if they’ve been doing it professionally for 20 years. Sometimes this can be as simple as second shooting for another photographer. Or perhaps even learning from online tutorials and courses. Or perhaps this is a formal education at a university.

Make sure to maintain  an open dialogue with the photographers you’re considering. The best thing you can be do is to be open and honest. You are making an investment that you will have forever, don’t be afraid to ask questions in all areas, including education.

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