8.  Bundling Options

When searching for the right wedding photographer, another thing to consider is bundling options your photographer may offer.  Perhaps you have a specific photographer in mind because you know they have relationships with other wedding vendors. These photographers will be able to advise you on florists, dress shops, bakeries, etc. Quite often these vendors then offer their clients a discounted rate on services.

Perhaps you are looking for a cinematographer/videographer for your wedding, your may photographer happen to have one they work closely with, or they may actually have one on staff (this is a discussion for another time!).  Bundling is a great way to save yourself some money while also getting more than one service in one place. It can be very beneficial to have vendors who have worked well together in the past who will collaborate for your wedding day- this offers the promise of a seamless end product, and a wedding day where you and your fiancee can just show up and enjoy!


  1. The Importance of Photography on the Wedding Day
  2. Amount of Coverage Time
  3. Quality & Portfolio
  4. Education & Experience
  5. Number of Photographers
  6. Personality is KING
  7. Your Input