A month ago, we shared my beautiful sister’s maternity session with you. As you may have guessed, baby has now arrived! I am so incredibly excited to share our newborn session with my newest nephew, Avery.


We spent nine months wondering who this little person might be. My sister and brother-in-law chose not to find out if the sex of the baby, so we really had no idea who to expect! What would he or she look like? What unique qualities would they have? How would his or her brother react to being the big brother? Well, to answer that last question- the first time Jonah visited Avery in the hospital, Jonah came up with a great idea. He told Grammy (my mom) on their way out, “Mom and dad can come home. And they can leave Avery in the elevator.” Clearly, Avery made a great first impression.


Jonah is the sweetest big brother. Jonah, watching you hold and snuggle with Avery makes my heart overflow, nearly to the point of bursting. Avery is so blessed to have you as his big brother. Someone to teach him all about excavators, dinosaurs, sharks, and other very important topics. You are both such a gift to your mommy and daddy, but also to all of us who have the privilege of loving you. I cannot wait to see the men you will both grow up to be, and the special relationship you will share.


Justin and Charissa, God has built your family in an absolutely astounding way. I know the journey was not what you expected, but pausing to look at the arrows that have been carefully selected and placed in your quiver brings me to tears. God has been so faithful in building your family. These little lives have been entrusted to you for a reason. They are so fiercely loved by so many around you. We, your village, are here to celebrate with you on the best days and uphold you on what can be the hardest days. Love you all so much!


Auntie Courtney & Uncle Cam


{ Avery Newborn }


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