Love stories start in all kinds of ways. For Andrew & Stephanie, they met online, each after creating a “joke” profile with their friends. Little did they know what life had in store for them! When it came time for their first date, Andrew told us that he got what he thought was a bit of a “blow off” excuse. Let’s see if you agree… Stephanie had to reschedule their first date because- she told Andrew she “had to put up her Christmas tree”. I must admit, I laughed pretty hard at that one! Stephanie explained to us that she had come home from university for Christmas, and that was the only day her family could do it. While I do understand her side, I still sympathetically laugh with Andrew!


Andrew proposed on a walk around Wascana Lake this summer. He was very adamant that they go for the walk. Stephanie admitted she was a little annoyed with how pushy he was with this walk! Andrew had hurt his back at work a couple days before, so not long after they had gotten going, he said that he wanted to stop at the lookout for a rest. Pushed for the walk, FINALLY got going, and then he had to stop?!? Stephanie was not impressed. That is, until Andrew took her out to the edge of the lookout, and got down on one knee, and asked her to be his wife. All the while, their friends were hiding to record and photograph the whole thing- soooo special!! Grooms-to-be: take note!


There are people that you meet in life that you just know are your kind of people. The first time Cam and I met with Andrew and Stephanie, we knew that they were our kind of people! After having so much fun with the engagement session, we can’t wait for the wedding! We are so excited that they have asked Courtney Liske Photography to capture their wedding day memories next summer! Congratulations again, Andrew & Stephanie- we are so pumped to celebrate with you!!



Courtney & Cam


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